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Character Education is an approach to developing a set of values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to support young people’s development and contribute to their success in school and in adult life. These qualities include respect, leadership, motivation, resilience, self-control, self-confidence, social and emotional skills, and communication skills.

The °Ŀ Academy Trust uses the Jubilee Centre definition of character being 'caught, taught and sought'.

Character can be ‘caught’ when educating for character is an integral part of the culture and ethos of a school setting. It can be ‘taught’ when embedded in all pedagogical practice. Character can be ‘sought’ through chosen experiences that occur within and outside the formal curriculum.

Every °Ŀ academy takes a whole-school approach to creating a positive school ethos and learning environment that may help develop a young person's character. They also share a common belief that this provides the foundation blocks for academic and personal achievement, enabling °Ŀ children to live their future lives well.

Within the trust there are Character Education Champions amongst our PSHE Leads, whose schools are fully committed to embedding the three principles of Caught/Taught/Sought in everything they do. Our champions develop and share best practice to keep the conversation going - "how best can we enable all our children to live life well?"

Educating for character is part of the °Ŀ Academy Trust's core purpose.

Janice EddyJanice Eddy

°Ŀ Character Education Lead

Head of School at Connor Downs Academy

Character Education Champion Schools

°Ŀ Character Caught case study: Connor Downs Academy / Bude Primary Academy - Infants

°Ŀ Character Taught case study: Tintagel Primary School / Bude Primary Academy - Juniors
°Ŀ Character Sought case study: Penryn Primary Academy / Tregolls Academy

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