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Posted on: 09/11/2023

°Ŀ Schools Parliament 2023

In recognition of UK Parliament Week, 66 student council representatives from 21 °Ŀ academies visited New County Hall in Truro on Thursday 9th November for the first official °Ŀ Schools' Parliament.  

Cornish Schools' Parliament 2023

Following a successful trial involving just 6 schools in 2022, this year's event saw the council chamber packed with enthusiastic young leaders ready to learn about how democracy and the council works for us all in Cornwall.  

Cornish Parliament 23 #1

The children's parliament is part of a Cornwall Council initiative to get young people more engaged and involved so they may lend their voices to shaping the future. Councillors and local MP Steve Double shared their ideas and valuable political insights, and a series of workshops and activities focussed on British values and children's rights.  

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The pupils even got to practice their debating skills in the chamber - showcasing best behaviour for those rowdy politicians in Westminster!

Cornish Parliament 23 #3

Cornish Parliament 23 #4 (1)

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Written by °Ŀ